Property Developers

MetroFibre will be your partner to install guaranteed quality fibre broadband in you new development.

We will make your property more marketable and attractive to potential buyers.

The MOST reliable broadband solution for your new residents

Metrofibre will install our network in your new development at no cost to you (T's and C's apply).
Property values will increase and your properties will be easier to sell.
Design your security solution on the back of our network.

What Next?

Contact Audett Meades on
071 442 6944 or
to receive our comprehensive and detailed offering.

Nothing but Fibre!

Stable and Guaranteed?

If you want to be sure that the solution you decide on will remain stable and as reliable as the day it was installed you have no choice but a Metrofibre Complete Fibre Solution for your complex or estate.

Where are you?

Let us contact you

Find the areas that are already part of the Metrofibre network. If you don’t find your area, register or call us and we will bring Metrofibre to you.

Our service not available in all areas but if you register we will make you part of our plan