Metrofibre networx is a Carrier Class Ethernet (CE 2.0) infrastructure providing highly managed Fibre Optic Broadband connectivity.

Once a business property is on the Metrofibre networx high speed Broadband network, they can choose from an array of services, applications and content, whether it be Voice Over IP (Telephone, PBX), Video Conferencing, Data (VPN), Off-site Data Recovery/Data-Backup, Email/Application Hosting, Cloud Computing, Internet or CCTV Security Monitoring all on a single Metrofibre networx fibre Installation to their premises.

The Metrofibre network provides Managed Broadband services up to 10Gbps. As soon as the fibre installation has been completed and connected to the highly managed Metrofibre network infrastructure, any number of world class high speed, Broadband Services are available to the premise location.

Having the flexibility to connect to a number of world class providers, Broadband Services, Content and Application Clouds all on the same fibre installation, enables the Business to choose and integrate their business Broadband requirements to the most cost effective Broadband Solutions.

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